Study AbroadSingapore International Graduate Award (SINGA) 2024/25

Singapore International Graduate Award (SINGA) 2024/25 [Fully Funded]

Do you dream of pursuing a PhD in science or engineering and contributing to the world through cutting-edge research? If so, the Singapore International Graduate Award (SINGA) could be the key to unlocking your potential. 

This prestigious scholarship program offers ambitious international students a fully-funded opportunity to pursue doctoral studies at top universities in Singapore.

Let’s dive deeper and discover how SINGA can empower your academic journey and propel your research aspirations.

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Singapore International Graduate Award (SINGA)

The Singapore International Graduate Award (SINGA) is a prestigious scholarship program designed to attract outstanding international students to pursue doctoral (PhD) studies in Singapore.

This fully-funded scholarship offers a unique opportunity for international students to gain world-class education and experience cutting-edge research in a vibrant and dynamic Asian nation.

Eligibility Criteria

The Singapore International Graduate Award (SINGA) is a highly competitive scholarship program seeking exceptional international students to pursue their PhD dreams in Singapore. To be considered for SINGA, you must meet the following criteria:


Be an international student from any country except Singapore.

Academic Qualifications

  • Possess a strong undergraduate and/or master’s degree in a relevant field of science or engineering.
  • Demonstrate outstanding academic performance, with excellent grades and achievements.

Research Potential

  • Exhibit a genuine passion for research and a strong interest in pursuing a PhD in your chosen field.
  • Possess a clear research focus and demonstrate the potential to contribute meaningfully to your chosen area of research.

Language Proficiency

Meet the English language proficiency requirements set by the participating universities. This typically involves achieving a minimum score in standardized tests like IELTS or TOEFL.

Additional Requirements

While not explicitly mentioned, some universities might have additional requirements like specific research project proposals or letters of recommendation from research supervisors.

These are general eligibility criteria. It is crucial to consult the official websites of the participating universities and the SINGA program for the most up-to-date and detailed information on specific requirements and application deadlines.

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Benefits of the Singapore International Graduate Award (SINGA)

The Singapore International Graduate Award (SINGA) offers a comprehensive package of benefits to support and empower scholars throughout their PhD journey in Singapore. Here’s a breakdown of the key advantages:

1. Full Tuition Fee Coverage

SINGA eliminates a significant financial barrier by covering the entirety of your tuition fees throughout your PhD program, typically lasting up to four years. This allows you to focus on your studies and research without the burden of tuition costs.

2. Generous Monthly Stipend

You’ll receive a monthly stipend of S$2,700, increasing to S$3,200 after passing the Qualifying Examination. This stipend provides financial support for your living expenses in Singapore, including accommodation, food, and transportation.

3. Travel and Settling-in Allowance

To ease your transition, SINGA offers a one-time airfare grant of up to S$1,500 to help cover the cost of traveling to Singapore. Additionally, you’ll receive a one-time settling-in allowance of S$1,000 to assist with initial expenses upon arrival.

4. World-Class Education

SINGA scholars have the privilege of pursuing their PhD studies at four of Singapore’s top universities, renowned for their academic excellence and cutting-edge research facilities. This provides access to esteemed faculty, advanced learning resources, and the opportunity to learn alongside talented peers from diverse international backgrounds.

5. Advanced Research Environment

Dive deeper into your research endeavors with access to state-of-the-art research facilities and laboratories offered by the participating universities. This fosters an environment conducive to innovation, discovery, and collaboration with leading researchers in your field.

6. Culturally Enriching Experience

Singapore presents a unique blend of Asian and Western influences, offering a vibrant and multicultural experience. As a SINGA scholar, you’ll have the opportunity to immerse yourself in this diverse cultural tapestry, broaden your horizons, and gain valuable personal and professional growth.

7. Enhanced Career Prospects

Earning a PhD degree from a prestigious Singaporean university with the support of SINGA equips you with valuable credentials and research experience. This significantly enhances your employability in academia, research institutions, and various industries across the globe.

These are just some of the numerous benefits SINGA offers. By providing comprehensive financial support, access to top-tier education, and a supportive research environment, SINGA empowers scholars to excel in their PhD studies and contribute meaningfully to their chosen fields.

Application Process

The application process for the Singapore International Graduate Award (SINGA) typically involves several steps:

i. Research and Eligibility Check

  • Research: Begin by thoroughly exploring the SINGA program details and eligibility criteria on the official website (link to be available once applications open).
  • Eligibility Check: Ensure you meet all the requirements, including academic qualifications, research potential, and language proficiency. It’s crucial to also check the specific requirements of your chosen university at this stage.

ii. Gather Required Documents

  • Academic Transcripts: Prepare official transcripts of your bachelor’s degree and any relevant postgraduate degrees, translated into English if necessary.
  • Research Proposal: Develop a well-defined research proposal outlining your research area, objectives, methodology, and expected outcomes. Align your proposal with the research strengths and ongoing projects of the chosen university and potential supervisors.
  • Letters of Recommendation: Secure two strong letters of recommendation from academic referees familiar with your research capabilities and potential.
  • Proof of English Proficiency: Obtain and submit official test results like IELTS or TOEFL to demonstrate your English language proficiency as required by the university.
  • Additional Documents: Depending on the university, you might need additional documents like a CV, statement of purpose, or specific award nomination forms.

iii. Apply Online

  • Application Portal: During the designated application period, submit your complete application electronically through the online portal of the chosen university.
  • Carefully Review: Meticulously review your application for any errors or inconsistencies before submission.

iv. Shortlisting and Interview

Shortlisted Candidates: If shortlisted, you may be invited for an interview to assess your research potential, academic background, and suitability for the program. Prepare thoroughly for the interview to showcase your qualifications and research interests effectively.

v. Selection and Notification

Selection Process: Await the selection results and notification from the university or SINGA program.

It is essential to stay updated on the official SINGA website and the chosen university website for the latest information regarding the application process, specific requirements, and deadlines.

Participating Universities

The Singapore International Graduate Award (SINGA) for the 2023/24 application cycle partnered with four of Singapore’s leading universities:

  1. National University of Singapore (NUS): Renowned for its academic excellence across various disciplines, NUS offers a vibrant research environment and numerous research institutes catering to diverse scientific and engineering fields.
  2. Nanyang Technological University (NTU): Recognized for its focus on science, technology, and engineering, NTU provides access to cutting-edge research facilities and fosters a collaborative research culture.
  3. Singapore University of Technology and Design (SUTD): Established with a unique focus on integrating technology, design, and engineering, SUTD offers a distinctive research environment for students pursuing PhDs in related fields.
  4. Agency for Science, Technology and Research (A*STAR) (Research Institutes): A*STAR is Singapore’s leading science and technology agency, housing numerous research institutes covering diverse areas like biomedical sciences, engineering, and physical sciences. SINGA scholars can pursue their PhD studies at these institutes under the supervision of world-renowned researchers.

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Why Choose SINGA?

SINGA offers a multitude of benefits for aspiring researchers:

  • World-class education: Pursue your PhD under the guidance of renowned professors and researchers at top universities in Singapore.
  • Advanced research environment: Gain access to cutting-edge research facilities and laboratories, fostering innovation and discovery.
  • Culturally enriching experience: Immerse yourself in Singapore’s diverse and vibrant culture, offering a unique blend of Asian and Western influences.
  • Career prospects: Enhance your employability with a globally recognized PhD degree and gain valuable research experience in a thriving economy.

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The Singapore International Graduate Award (SINGA) presents a remarkable opportunity for international students to pursue their PhD dreams in Singapore.

With its comprehensive financial support, world-class education, and vibrant research environment, SINGA empowers scholars to excel in their chosen field and contribute meaningfully to the global scientific landscape.

If you’re an aspiring researcher with exceptional potential and a passion for scientific and engineering exploration, SINGA is definitely worth exploring for your doctoral studies

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