FOREIGN JOBSRomanian Government Scholarships for International Students 2024/2025

Romanian Government Scholarships for International Students 2024/2025

Are you an international student in Romania seeking assistance to further your studies? If yes, then there’s good news for you.

With the help of the Romanian Government for International Students, you could get the needed funding for your academic journey.

In this post, you will read about how you can apply for the Romanian Government Scholarships for International Students for the 2024/2025 academic calendar and so much more.

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Eligible Candidates

Candidates who are eligible for the Romanian Government Scholarships are non-EU foreign students who study in Romanian. However, exceptions are made for candidates who:

  • Are Romanian by origin, or have links with the Romanian historical communities (these set of people are already eligible for local scholarships).
  • Are citizens who have requested some form of asylum or protection from the Romanian government.
  • Stateless persons who stay on the territory of Romania.
  • Are members or family members to people of the diplomatic or consular corps.
  • Are members of the administrative and technical staff of diplomatic missions or consular offices owned by the Romanian government.
  • Are staff members of international organizations based in Romania or family members of these staff.
  • Are previous beneficiaries of the Romanian government scholarships.

Eligibility Criteria 

To become an awardee of the Romanian government Scholarship for international students here are the criteria to meet:

1. Submit a Complete File

To submit a complete file, candidates must have the following available:

– Copies of the diplomas obtained and translation of these diplomas in English, French, Spanish, or Romanian Languages.

– Copies of academic transcripts of the completed studies and translation of these transcripts into one of English, French, Spanish, or Romanian Languages.

– A copy of the birth certificate or its equivalence into one of English, French, Spanish, or Romanian Languages. 

– A copy of the first three pages of the national passport or any national identification documents in one of the English, French, Spanish, or Romanian Languages. 

– Curriculum Vitae (CV) or resume in one of the English or French Languages.

– A doctoral candidate would need to submit a letter of intent. This letter should contain an outline of previous scientific research works, published materials, description of the planned research project, as we as the agreement of a tutor. All these documents should be translated into either English, French, or Romanian Languages.

2. Present Study Documents

Candidates should do well to submit relevant documents issued by recognized institutions in Romania where they study. These documents may include an Admission Letter and other relevant documents.

3. Comply With Deadline

Interested candidates who wish to apply for this scholarship should ensure that they do so within the allotted timeline.

This is because there would be no extension of application dates and all submitted applications at the time of the deadline would be counted.

4. Have Good Results In Education

Anyone aspiring for this scholarship program should make sure to show academic excellence in their institution. According to the Romanian academic system, a score of 7 marks is a “good” score.

5. Comply With Application to Methodology

All instructions and guidelines about this award as outlined in the scholarship website should be keenly followed to avoid disqualification.

Language Of Study

The scholarship program for undergraduates and master students allows them to study in Romanian. This is done to promote the Romanian language.

However, if they do not speak or understand this language, they would be granted a preparatory year to study the language. This would be done prior before they begin their studies. 

Exception is granted for doctoral students who have selected a foreign language to study in. If they do not want to study in the Romanian language, they are free to do so. 

However, to avoid the preparatory year to study the Romanian language, exceptions can be made for candidates who meet the following requirements:

– Candidates who present study documents or school records that show that they have undergone a mandatory 4-year study of the Romanian language.

– Candidates who have undergone a Romanian test and passed it to be admitted to a Romanian university.

– Candidates who present a certificate of proficiency in the Romanian language before being admitted into a Romanian university.

Romanian Government Scholarships for International Students Benefits

As a beneficiary of the Romanian government scholarship, here are the benefits you stand to enjoy:

  1. Payment of all registration fees and all associated fees such as fees paid during the application, Romanian language skill test fees, admission contests for doctoral studies, and specific aptitude tests.
  2. Payment of all tuition fees for the Romanian language preparatory year.
  3. Payment of tuition fees during the duration of studies.
  4. Payment of monthly allowance under the Romanian language preparatory year.
  5. Payment of all accommodation expenses. 
  6. Payment of medical bills such as in the case of medical surgery, epidemic, pandemic contacting, etc..
  7. Payment of transportation and enjoyment of transportation rights enjoyed by Romanian students.
  8. Exemption of payment of study visa.

How To Apply For The Romanian Government Scholarship

To apply for the Romanian government scholarship, here are the steps:

Step 1. Scan all documents and convert them to PDF form.

Step 2. Visit the official website to apply.

Step 3. Wait for the announcement via email ( April 15, 2024).

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What is the letter of intent for the Romania scholarship?

A letter of intent is a letter in the name of the applicant explaining his intentions to pursue a degree in Romania. The letter should contain ways in which the Romania scholarship would help fuel that ambition.

What is proof of funds for a student visa in Romania?

Proof of funds for a Romania student visa is a fresh bank statement in the applicant’s name, with an equivalent of a minimum of $4,000.

How long does a Romania student visa take?

For a Romania student visa, it takes a duration of two days – 2 months.

How much is the Romania visa fee in Nigeria?

For a short-stay visa, the value of the Romania visa is $110. For a long-stay visa, the value of the Romania visa is $165.



Now that you’ve gotten this information, are you just going to scroll through it again? Why don’t you apply for this scholarship, who knows? You could be selected for the award. 

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