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Top Best Recruitment Agencies in USA that Can Secure Jobs for you as a Foreigner for Free

If you are searching for jobs in the United States as a foreigner, then I will advise to work with reputable recruitment agencies in USA for foreigners.

Finding a job in a foreign country where you know little or nothing about their job recruitment process can be a very challenging experience, and that is where the role recruitment agencies come into use.

There are various recruitment agencies in the USA that could help in connecting you to your dream job.

Indeed, understanding the U.S job market, and the role of recruitment agencies in securing you a job will sets you on the path of landing an ideal job in U.S.

What are the Role of U.S Recruitment Agencies in Securing Jobs for Foreigners ?

The primary role of foreign recruitment or job agencies in the United States is to help connect foreign job seekers to employers in the United States that want workers to gill positions in their firm.

Top Best Recruitment Agencies in USA that Can Secure Jobs for you as a Foreigner for Free
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U.S recruitment agencies act as a middlemen between foreign job seekers and U.S companies. Also, these agencies help businesses and companies by finding competent job seekers.

But the truth is, finding U.S job agencies on the internet requires carefulness because they’re many scammers out there that are parading themselves as job agents just to scam people.

What we have done in this article is that, we have sourced the web and have carefully reviewed and arrive at some of the reputable job agencies in the United States.

Benefits of Finding Jobs through Recruitment Agencies

The easiest way to find reliable jobs in the United States is working with their job agencies. Below are some outstanding benefits of finding a job in U.S through a recruitment agencies:

  1. They focus on serving their client well to the fullest
  2. They have extended reach in job opportunities in local and international market
  3. They have a specialism in recruitment and how the companies works
  4. They assist candidates in locating their dream jobs
  5. Recruitment agencies help companies find the perfect candidate for a vacant opening.
  6. Recruitment agencies have access to numerous job openings that job seekers could pick from.
  7. They provide a support system and counseling to job seekers.

It’s easy to locate this Agencies website from the comfort of your home such that you get the required links to land you your dream application in just few clicks. Check our recommendation below.

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Top Best Recruitment Agencies in USA for Foreigners 2024

Many recruitment agencies help specifically in connecting foreigners to jobs in the United State. Some charge a fee while some have a fixed fee you pay. Some of the recruitment agencies are listed below.

Lucas Group

Lucas group is now known as Korn Ferry company. It was founded in 1970 in Atlanta, Georgia, USA by Gary Burnison.

Lucas group is an executive recruiting firm that helps mid-tier to fortune 500 clients to find staff.

Services rendered are:

  • Helps job seekers/individuals to realize their ambitions.
  • Renders advices to job seekers
  • Associates their clients to professional success

Agency Website: Visit lucasgroup

Frontline Source Group

Frontline source group was founded in 2004 by Bill Kasko in Dallas, Texas, USA. In every state in the United States, Frontline source group  offers its services to businesses and candidates.

Its employees have specialties in a range of professions and businesses, including IT, finance, sales, and marketing.

It services includes:

  • Counseling for leadership development
  • Focused recruitment of important employees
  • Project-driven hiring
  • Assistance with choosing and assessing employees
  • Short-term workforce

Agency Website: Visit frontlinesourcegroup

Kelly Services

Kelly services is a U.S.-based recruiting agency. Kelly services is located at Tory, Michigan, United States, it was founded by William Russell Kelly in 1946.

This agency places job seekers in various sectors including; engineering, law, technology and education. It is currently located in about 30 countries.

It services includes

  • Human resources consulting
  • Recruitment and outsourcing
  • Career ambitions.

Agency Website: Visit kellyservices


Randstad was founded in 1960 by Gerrit Daleboudt and Frits Goldschmeding in Diemen, Netherlands. Currently it is located and operates in 39 different countries.

It is a Dutch multinational firm that provides outsourcing, consulting, workforce and staffing solutions within areas of healthcare, IT, human resources, sales and marketing, legal.

It helps in making job searches easy and helps its clients to find appropriate and perfect job seekers that can fill up open positions.

Agency Website: Visit randstad

ManpowerGroup Solution

Manpower is a multinational staffing firm. It is the third largest recruiting agency after Adecco and Randstad. It was founded by Elmer Winter and Aaron Scheinfeld in the year 1948 at Milwaukee, Wisconsin, United States.

The agency provides human resources consulting and management consulting.

Manpower group solutions support organizations in transforming the quickly evolving workplace by identifying, evaluating, developing, and managing the talent that helps them succeed, while also connecting millions of people to fulfilling, long-term jobs that help them thrive.

Agency Website: Visit Manpowergroup

Adecco Group

Adecco group is a Swiss-French firm that was founded in the year 1997. It is found in different parts of the world and has several branches amounting to 5200 branches in about 60 countries in the globe.

It is the second largest recruiting firm in the world and its headquarter is located in Zurich, Switzerland.

This agency offers services such as

  • Human resources consulting,
  • Outsourcing of staffs
  • Recruitment
  • Consulting for talent development

Agency Website: Visit Adeccogroup

Robert Half

Robert Half, also known as Robert Half International Inc, is an international recruiting firm founded in Menlo Park and San Ramon, California in 1948.

It has the creativity department which specializes in creative design, the IT and software application that specializes in customer service consulting, the legal division that deals with matters concerning legal administratives and the finance and accounting division.

Agency Website: Visit Roberthalf

Integrity Staffing Solutions

Integrity Staffing Solutions operate a recruitment and hiring firm out of Newark, Delaware.

For people in the US, it provides short-term, temporary and full time recruitment services. They focus on hiring and staffing for clients who require a variety of positions to be filled at various levels.

By providing them with a specialized, effective solution catered to their unique demands, they seek to streamline the hiring process for their clients.

Agency Website: Visit Integritystaffing

Insight Global

Insight Global is based in Atlanta, Georgia, United States. It was founded in 2001 by Glenn Johnson. Insight global slogan is  “Together, anything is possible”

Their objective is to pursue great opportunities for their clients and also to offer great talent and hiring opportunities for job seekers to choose their dream jobs from IT, healthcare, finances, education and many more.

They render services such as; management consulting, hiring/recruitment of someone, executive recruiting and staffing consulting.

Agency Website: Visit insightglobal


Spherion is a recruitment agency located in Atlanta, Georgia, United States in northern America. It was founded by Leroy Dettman and Joseph Perffeto in 1946.

They connect jobseekers to their dream jobs but getting a well detailed understanding of their prospective thereby looking for a more suitable job opportunity in their local and international market.

Also Spherion connects clients and employers to a perfect candidate that can fill the vacant positions.

Agency Website: Visit spherion

FAQs About U.S Job Agencies

Q: How do I choose the right recruitment agency in U.S as a Foreigne?

Selecting the right agency will depend on the kind of job you want (your job preferences). The first thing to search for Job agencies that are in your industry and then do personal research online to see their reviews. This will help you to make an informed decision.

Q: Do I need a work visa to apply through these agencies?

While a work visa is typically required to work in the USA, some agencies can assist you in obtaining the necessary documentation without asking for work visa.

Remember, there are some jobs in U.S that comes with visa sponsorships. Check them here

Q: Are there any fees associated with using U.S Recruitment agencies?

Most reputable agencies that we know channel their charged fees to the employer, and not the job seeker. However, some may do the reverse. So it’s essential to clarify this with any agency you choose before proceeding.

Q: How long does it take to find a job in U.S through a recruitment agency?

The time it takes for a recruitment agency to secure a job for you in the United States varies depending on factors like your available qualifications and the kind of job you are looking for.

From our findings, some job seekers find employment with job agencies within days, and weeks, but they’re are few others that may take upto a month or months.

Q: Can I apply to multiple recruitment agencies simultaneously?

Yes, you can apply to multiple agencies to increase your chances of finding a suitable job at a shorter time span. In fact, this is highly recommended for those who need fast jobs.

Q: What documents do I need to provide to the recruitment agency?

This will depend on the kind of job you want. Most recruitment agencies in the U.S will request that you provide your resume, academic credentials, work experience details, CV, and any other relevant certifications.


I will always say this, the best approach to getting a reliable job or landing a mouth watering job in the United States as a foreigner is to work with foreign recruitment agencies in the USA.

These organizations make the job search process easier while assuring you land the ideal position. Thanks to their knowledge and broad networks.

Always keep in mind that working with the proper recruitment agency will put job opportunities within your grasp.

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