FOREIGN JOBSDenmark Skilled Worker Visa - Apply Now

Denmark Skilled Worker Visa – Apply Now

Denmark’s job market reveals two quite different realities as the country rides the tide of economic progress. However, a strong unemployment rate of about 4% indicates job growth; up to a third of current jobs are at risk from automation. 

But in the middle of this contradiction comes a world of opportunity, especially in fields that need talented workers and sharp brains.

Given that Denmark is one of the happiest nations on earth get to know the work visa process for Denmark. As of February 22, 2024, 5.857 million people are living there. 

Denmark is actively looking to hire foreign labourers. Additionally, job searchers can apply to hire foreign workers under the Fast-track Scheme through Certified firms recognized by the Danish Agency for International Recruitment and Integration (SIRI). 

The types of Danish work permits, job locations, and the visa application process are all explained in this post.

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Procedure for a Denmark Skilled Worker Visa

To work in Denmark, nationals of the European Union (E.U.), the European Economic Area (EEA), and Switzerland do not need a visa. All other nationals will require a work and residency permit.

Procedure for a Work Visa in Denmark;

  • Select a Denmark work visa program.
  • Make an I.D. for the case: You must create a Case ID (akin to creating an account by supplying personal information) after selecting the type of visa. The Danish Agency for International Recruitment and Integration, or SIRI, is the internet platform for this.
  • Make the application payment. Cost: The cost varies according to your nationality and the scheme.
  • Compile the Records: valid work contract Passport, Evidence of financial capability, Health coverage, qualifications in education, criminal history record check are all important records you compile
  • Fill out the online application and submit it: Your employer can assist you in applying this step.
  • Visit the Danish Embassy and Provide Biometrics: You have 14 days from the time of application to provide Biometrics if your application is accepted. 
  • Make an appointment in SIRI’s Citizen Center or at a Danish diplomatic post overseas.
  • Await the Response: You can visit Denmark if your application is accepted after submission.

Denmark Work Permit Types

The Visa Scheme is the name given to the Denmark work permit. You must choose the visa plan on the SIRI website that most closely matches your employment circumstances.

The occupations on the Positive List for Skilled Workers are those with a severe lack of competent professionals and where demand for skilled workers is high in Denmark.

The list is updated twice yearly, on January 1 and July 1. Based on this scheme, you can apply for a Danish residence permit and work visa if offered a position in the Positive List for Skilled Work.

  • Pay Limit Scheme: This permission is intended for high earners who make at least DKK 448,000 (about €60,180) annually.
  • Supplementary Pay Limit Scheme: You have been offered a position in Denmark with an annual salary of at least DKK 393,000.
  • Fast-Track Scheme: A Danish company certified by the Danish Agency for International Recruitment and Integration (SIRI) has extended an offer of employment to you. The Fast-track program facilitates certified enterprises’ recruitment of foreign workers into Denmark more quickly and flexibly. A list of Danish Certified Companies can be found here.
  • Particular requirements for an individual: For a chef with specialized training, an athlete, or an entertainer.
  • Trainee: This is for people who have received a brief offer of employment as trainees at a Danish company.
  • Labor Market Attachment: You were previously granted a residence permit, but due to family reunification, either as a refugee or as an accompanying family member, you lost your Danish residence permit.
  • Employment on the side: This permit is intended for people wishing to work an additional job in Denmark. For people who already have a residency permit thanks to employment with a particular company.
  • Employment for adaptation and training: This is a work permit application for those who have gained Danish authorization as doctors or dentists to pursue employment for adaptation and training.

Family members who are travelling with you should apply for a work visa together with the individual who will be accompanying you to Denmark.

List of Skill Shortages (High-Demand Occupations)

Since there is a perceived labour shortage in these fields, getting a work visa for an employee in one of these categories can be simpler.

  • Technical
  • Robotics and ICT
  • Finance and Business in Life Sciences
  • Services for Medicine and Healthcare
  • Provision and Warmth
  • Manufacturing in Industry
  • Logistics and Transportation
  • Building Offshore

Websites for Danish Job Seekers

  • Workindenmark: Assists anyone looking for work in Denmark, including those from overseas. This applies to foreign applicants from their home countries as well as those who are currently in Denmark.
  • The official website of the Danish government, providing links to pertinent resources, advice and information on working in Denmark.

Denmark-Approved Businesses

Candidates for jobs can also apply to Certified businesses. The Danish Agency for Hiring Foreign Workers has certified these businesses.

A list of Danish Certified Companies can be found here. You can improve your chances of landing your ideal job in Denmark by using these resources and paying attention to these pointers.

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Frequently Asked Questions 

Can I get my Denmark work visa processed more quickly?

For Danish work visas, expedited processing is usually not accessible. Numerous variables affect the processing time, including the volume of applications the Danish Immigration Service receives.

I want to apply for a visa, but can I work in Denmark till it is processed?

You can begin working in Denmark once your work visa has been issued.

Can my work visa for Denmark be extended?

Yes. Nonetheless, the length of stay is contingent upon several elements, including work circumstances and other aspects.

What happens if my application for a visa is being processed and my passport expires?

Maintaining a valid passport is essential. Get a new passport and notify the Danish Immigration Service if your current one expires. At the same time, your visa application is being handled.

Final Words 

Like many other E.U. nations, Denmark needs to improve in some fields. The government aggressively pushes companies to acquire foreign labor to bridge these skills gaps. The Danish government has created a list of highly sought-after professions. 

Candidates who are both skilled and highly qualified are listed on what is known as the “Positive List.” The chance to work in Denmark is fantastic. There needs to be more skills in several sectors of the rising Danish job market.

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