Study AbroadAfrican Union Internship Program for African Students

African Union Internship Program for African Students

The African Union Internship Program for African Students is an avenue for young African leaders to sharpen their leadership skills and develop their minds for the future.

Have you been waiting for this internship opportunity? If yes, this is the perfect place to be.

In this post, you will read about the African Union Internship Program for African Students, how to apply for the program, the skills needed, and many other information. 

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African Union Internship Program | Purpose

The main objective of the African Union Internship Program is to show candidates the workings of the African Union which would impart to them, the experience and skill required for them in any field they may find themselves.

In a way, this program grooms the future leaders of tomorrow by exposing them to different cultures which would improve their decision-making skills and other important skills too.

African Union Internship Program For African Students Requirements

To be a beneficiary of this internship program by the AU, here are the requirements to meet:

  1. Must Have Appropriate Academic Qualifications

As an aspirant for the African Union Internship Program, you need to at least be in a final year at a reputable Nigerian university. However, if you have a Bachelor’s Degree or a Master’s Degree, you can equally apply for the African Union Internship Program.

  1. Must Be A Citizen Of An AU Country

It is also expected that candidates who intend to enroll in the internship should be citizens of an AU Country. That is, you must be a registered citizen from one of the Member states of The AU. If your country doesn’t fall under the AU umbrella, then you may not be offered this internship opportunity.

  1. Be Fluent In One AU Language

It is required that candidates who wish to be extended the internship opportunity should be able to be fluent in at least one AU Language. This means that you should be able to speak at least one of English, French, Arabic, and Portuguese very fluently. This would boost your chances in getting becoming an intern under the AU.

  1. Must Meet The Age Requirements

African Union Internships for African Students are meant for individuals below the age of 32 years. So if you are beyond 32 years of age, then there’s no need to apply for this internship.

  1. Must Not Have A Criminal History

If you have been convicted of a crime and have been put in jail in the past, then, this internship opportunity is not for you. The AU internship body only requires young African students who do not have a criminal history to apply. However, big you have been convicted of a minor traffic offense, you may be waived.

Terms And Conditions

By enrolling in the African Union Internship for African Students Program, here are the terms and conditions you sign up for:

  1. Both travel and accommodation costs would be taken care of by solely the intern. The AU would not cover any cost of travel or living expenses during your internship periods. 
  2. AU would put effort into making sure that the visa and entry issues are sorted out.
  3. AU would not be offered any compensation for travel.
  4. The internship program would be authorized once in three months for any candidate.
  5. Interns should have their health insurance covered during this period. So any medical cost would be the responsibility of the interns.

Skills Required

– Proficient Computer Skills – able to use tools such as MS Word, MS Excel, PowerPoint, etc

– Proficiency with email and internet applications

– Impressive interpersonal skills

– Good communication skills

– Ability to communicate orally and verbally when the occasion calls for it.

– Proficiency in either English, French, Arabic, or Portuguese. The ability to communicate in more than one of the languages is an advantage too.

Core Competencies 

– Ability to communicate clearly to individuals and groups.

– Ability to read and write clearly and convey thoughts effectively.

– Commitment to work role.

– Ability to adapt and work without problems in a multicultural setting.

– Must be of good character.

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How To Apply For The African Union Internship for African Students

To apply for the African Union internship, here are the steps to follow:

Step 1. Login To The Application Portal

First, you’ll have to log in to the Africa Union Internship application portal. If you don’t have an account, you can go ahead to create one. When you are done creating one, then, you will be able to get access to the application form.

Step 2. Upload Your Documents

Second, you would have to upload your information on the application form. The documents that you would need to upload include your resume, national identity card, recommendation letter, academic certificate, etc.

Step 3. Wait For Email

After you have filled out the application form, you need to wait for an email. The email is a confirmation that your application has been successfully received.


How much does the African Union pay interns?

African Union does not pay interns. Candidates are advised to make arrangements for feeding, accommodation, and other expenses by themselves.

Is Nigeria part of the African Union?

Yes. Nigeria is a member state of the African Union.



As you’ve read, the AU internship is not to be missed. If you’re interested, then, what’s stopping you from applying?

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